The critics agree, the Cleveland area possesses one of the nation’s best City-park systems.  Not only are they much loved, they are considered the jewel of Northeast Ohio; so much so that they have earned the nickname, “The Emerald Necklace”.  And, for those of you who are fans of the great outdoors, Belle Oaks at Richmond Road puts you right in the middle of many of The Emerald Necklace’s most popular parks and attractions. 

To begin, Belle Oaks has its own multi million-dollar landscaping plan that includes several parks, water features and natural settings.  But you needn’t travel far to find other offerings.  The City of Richmond Heights has three of its own parks.  DeSan Park features two newly-renovated, crushed red brick ball diamonds along with one of the area’s only full-sized soccer fields for public use.  DeSan also sports a small pavilion area and playground. 

The City’s largest park, the Community Park features the City’s public pool, tennis courts, picnic pavilions and a newly renovated playground area.  For sports fans, the park is also home to three full-size baseball diamonds featuring crushed red brick and a walking trail.  These diamonds are abuzz every Spring, Summer and Fall with the sounds of league play. The City Park is also where you will find our community center, the Kiwanis Lodge which is in the midst of a massive renovation project that will make both levels of the facility first-class accommodations for meetings and gatherings. 

Last, but certainly not least is Greenwood Farm, the location of one of the City’s oldest homesteads.  The farmhouse hosts several local groups’ meetings and the grounds serve as one of two venues for the City’s many events and concerts held during the summer months.  Even more exciting is Greenwood Farm’s abutment and access to Euclid Creek.  With its walkway down to the water’s edge, this venue offers a spectacular view of the City’s own waterfall.

View of the waterfall from Greenwood Farm

But, if your tastes lean to the more adventurous, Belle Oaks puts you right in the middle of at least a dozen Metroparks, Preserves and Reservations with enough variety to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.  From the Euclid Creek Reservation which is right in our backyard to Squires Castle and Acacia to the East, these parks feature numerous walking paths, picnic areas and wildlife observation areas.  Travel just a bit further east and there are several nature preserves including the Holden Arboretum, Penitentiary Glen and The Rookery.

Head West and you will find one of Cleveland’s most popular gathering spots, Edgewater Park, home to the City’s 4th of July Fireworks display as well as one of the Metroparks most unusual and best eateries, Merwin’s Wharf. Merwin’s puts you right on the Cuyahoga River where you can dine and watch small watercraft out enjoying a sunny day, or large several-hundred-thousand ton freighters making their way to and from factories in the Flats out to Lake Erie and back; all while you listen to local entertainment.

These are but a few of the offerings that are within easy driving distance from Belle Oaks at Richmond Road. That proximity unequivocally makes Belle Oaks the Jewel of the Emerald Necklace.  It’s just one of the reasons we believe that Belle Oaks allows you to “Live your best life|style”

Belle Oaks is the Jewel in the Emerald Necklace